... is self contained collapsible and manportable designed primarily for use as a winterised transitional relief shelter for extreme weather conditions.

Extremely durable and easily repairable, it is weather resistant and insulated and features toolless assembly. It is essentially an enhanced tent that comes with an optional integral heating and cooking system together with a water collection and storage facility. It sits on a raised platform that can be levelled by supporting legs that can be adjusted internally.

Comes complete with its own tool-less repair kit.


For more and more detailed information please contact us.

Insulated Winter and Summer

Floor vents can be closed internally during winter or in colder times or climes.

Heating and Cooking

The heating and cooking system is attached to the floor on a fireproof base.
Depending on the local circumstances either a woodburning stove or a oil burning stove can be deployed.
It is connected to the ceiling by a chimney.

saife Heating and Cooking

Quote: "The quality and appropriateness of shelter within transitional settlements have a major impact on health: for example, smoke produced by cooking on stoves or open fires is the fourth greatest risk to health and disease worldwide (Warwick and Doig 2004). Consequently, the provision of adequate cooking facilities for displaced populations should be viewed as vital to public health."


Water Collection System

The water collection system is a simple friction fit guttering that drains into a reinforced rubberized bag attached to the outside of the shelter
with an internal tap. It is sealed at the point of the waters entry to prevent contamination.

saife - Water Collection System

Quote: "Contaminated water and many insects are a source of disease, such as malaria, bilharzias, and sleeping sickness. This is one of the reasons flood-prone areas should be avoided as sites for planned camps or self settlement. The risk of disease may be reduced through a variety of measures that can be integrated into shelter design."


Safely Connectable to Electricity and Water

Where appropriate facilities are available THE SAIFE has hardpoints that can allow safe connection to external supplies of electricity and water.

saife - Electricity and Water


Multi Connected

saife - Multi Connected

The Structural Design

The Structural Design




Paul Charlesworth is the founder and joint Managing Director. His role is to steer the project and open doors.

Paul Charlesworth, (born 1949 in England) is Joint Managing Director and a 28.5% Shareholder. He is the originator of the idea and the lead in bringing the participating parties together. He also developed the relationship with the IFRC and affiliated Red Cross agencies. When 22yrs old was instrumental in developing a retail fashion business that by the age of 29 had 67 shops.
Founded a Financial Services Company in the City of London.
Went on to found a fashion retail business with Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Group.
Now pursuing current project.
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Sascha Risavy, also joint Managing Director, is the COO of List Smart Results GmbH and will manage development and production at List factories and subcontractors as well as administrative oversight.

Sascha Risavy, (born 1971) is Joint Managing Director and a 21.5% Shareholder. He is also COO of List Smart Results GmbH, a specialist in the interior design and furnishing of hotels, stores, luxury yachts and planes. They also specialise in the design and furbishment of specialist buildings, eg. floating homes. The resources of this company will be utilised to develop, produce, test and ultimately mass manufacture the finished products.
He has worked for 25 years in the carpentry business, the last 20 years with the List Gruppe. In the process he has, together with the team, developed a huge number of projects and products in an international environment. Currently he is a director of List Smart Results and responsible for the establishment and implementation of national and international projects in the field of temporary accommodation.
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Rainer Kasper is a Partner of Shareholders PHH Rechtsanwälte and will manage legal and respective administrative issues and also provide financial oversight.

Rainer Kaspar, (born 1971) is a Lawyer and Partner of PHH Rechtsanwälte, who are 21.5% Shareholders. They are a well established Viennese Legal Partnership. Rainer is responsible for all legal matters and negotiations with the IFRC. His particular focus within PHH is M&A, Sourcing and Capital Market Transactions and consulting with clients on trans-border operations. He is also a regular lecturer at seminars and conferences, for example the IBA and AIJA. He also speaks German, English and French.
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Christian Dominkovits, Architect, is one of the original developers of the project with Paul Charlesworth and will have a consultancy / advisory role.

Christian Dominkovits, (born 1968) is an Architect and 28.5% Shareholder and together with Paul Charlesworth, joint initiator of the project. He will support the project as a technical consultant and adviser. In 2000 he completed his studies at the Technical University of Vienna, obtaining a Master of Science. In 2005 he founded his own Architecture Office. To date he has developed projects including blocks of flats, one-family houses, a kindergarten and a museum.
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the company and associates


The Registered Office is

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Paul Charlesworth, Managing Director
Tel no: +43 (0)676 635 6559
email: p.m.charlesworth@saife.at

The Production Office is List Smart Results Gmbh
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Contact Sascha Risavy, Managing Director
Tel No:-+43 (0)664 151 7609
email: s.risavy@saife.at

We have conference facilities at PHH Rechtsanwälte
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List Gruppe, www.list.at have ca 600 employees, a combination of dedicated craftsmen and designers.

PHH Rechtsanwälte has 9 Partners and ca 70 staff, specialist in all kinds of business law, economic law and corporate law.

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Joint Managing Director

Phone:    +43 (0)676 635 6559
E-mail: p.m.charlesworth@saife.at


Joint Managing Director

Phone:-   +43 (0)644 151 7609
E-mail:  s.risavy@saife.at


Entwicklung, Produktion und Handel von Katastrophenschutzgebäuden

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